Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Remit - Bhutan launched for all Bhutanese abroad.

-Remit Bhutan launched in New York ( courtesy Kuensel )

A very beneficial scheme launched by Finance Ministry and RMA under the blessings of the Royal Government of Bhutan. His Excellency the Prime Minister had initially inaugurated the Remit -Bhutan Scheme in Thimphu sometime back. And this time the Finance Minister of Bhutan had taken this scheme to the Bhutanese in New York through the Permanent Mission there. This demonstrates the seriousness of the Government to service the Bhutanese living abroad for mutual benefits:  Enhancing  the national hard currency reserve level for Bhutan  and creating  more financial benefits and flexibility for Bhutanese working abroad.

The Government had taken this initiative at top gear. Congratulations to RMA and Finance Ministry for building up this scheme and implementing it at fast track. The Finance Minister and the RMA Governor have moved fast to bring about Remit- Bhutan.

Remit -Bhutan has created a permanent dependable source for Bhutan's hardcurrency requirement. RMA'S  hard currency reserve level will improve and Bhutanese living and working abroad will gain financial security by banking their hard earned hard currency within Bhutan. There will be  better interest income from their deposits and enhanced opportunities for in  country investment. It is a win win gain for the  Bhutanese nation  and the  Bhutanese living abroad. That how good governance should go about governing well. 

May Remit -Bhutan become a permanent feature of Bhutanese fiscal policy and may all Bhutanese working abroad participate in Remit Bhutan for their own self financial benefits  and overall hardcurrency benefits for the Bhutanese nation.    

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