Thursday, October 6, 2016

My BirthDay 5th October brought memories afresh of "Beloved Souls"

Dearest beloved Aum Changmey Rinzin and Apa Gyalpo Dhendup.

Thank you so very much for giving Birth, Oceans of Love and Blessings. From your heavenly abode please grace and bless our Homes in Haa and Thimphu and all the children that have come down your Lines.

On this day of my birth,  I offer you the Light of Gratitude and Everlasting Love through the symbolic lighting of Karmi and purification water. I do it every morning but today it is somehow more sentimental. Maybe in your physical absence, I miss the comfort of my Root. 

I bow before your images seeking continued support and guidance and wishing you well in the other world. Through  your Love and Blessings and immense Grace of Deities that you always put our faith in, we are all  in good stead and all grand and great grandchildren children enjoying the fruit of your hard works and Love. Thank you and always in need of you.  With much Love. Always your loved child.

In loving memory of mother.

Still trying to live up to my mother's dictum. " Be honest sincerely" . It is not easy to be honest always but it is being sincerely honest that gets me few praise and much flaks. However, now with just a short distance to cover, I do not think I ever would need to fail to serve the motherly dictum. It is one huge satisfaction in my life.

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