Saturday, October 1, 2016

India's so termed surgical strike against Pakistan.

India's so termed surgical strike against Pakistan. 

I like the term " terrorist launch pads ". So Pakistan is supposed to have rocket launched terrorists into the highly secured Indian air force base at Pathankot and army base at Uri. No wonder the two bases were unable to prevent the infiltrations into their camps by the terrorists on foot. They had rocket wings.

Pakistan claimed loss of 2 soldiers and 9 injured in the incident ( surgical strike or cross border firing). Indian forces on the other hand denied suffering casualty but stated that they were under instructions not to leave behind casualties suffered. So implied admission is duly recorded.

Meanwhile coinciding with surgical strike one Indian soldier is said to have strayed into Pakistan hand but it is claimed  to have happened elsewhere and the straying incident  is denied to be part of surgical operation. Whatever the truth of surgical attack, in the aftermath, the Indian Government is left with her soldier as prisoner in the " enemy hand". That is a national tricolour agony.

What is a fact is that all three great powers: America, China and Russia have made their positions known. And America is not ready to allege that Pakistan government or army had directly attacked Uri. It was terrorists using Pakistan soil.

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  1. This story could be like a Chinese intruded sakteng,bomdeling,merak of bhutan during 2013 election times. I mean it is totally false.