Thursday, October 13, 2016

The great King passes away in Thailand.

Life and death and in betweens are complex to comprehend and difficult to digest.

You announce your birth with your own cries. The cries of others mark your death. And in between, there are happenings of joy and sadness interspersed with  humbling and prideful occassions. But never so consequential events as birth and death over which you have absolute no say.

Today the Kingdom of Thailand lost their most reverred King. He must have possessed great compassion and his share of benevolence for His Majesty is much loved and adored. The loss of Thailand and her people is infinite. During such national distress, one has to turn to the Dharma for solace. I wish the reverred Royal Family and the friendly people of Thailand great courage and fortitude. In the passing away of His Majesty the King of Thailand, Bhutan has lost a great benefactor and our Royal Family a very dear and respected senior friend. May the great soul rest in peace.

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