Saturday, July 25, 2015

A New Dawn for Bhutan and China Relationship.

It takes a writeup from the Ambassador of China for the Bhutanese public to find out that a historic beginning was made in July, 2015 in Sino- Bhutan political aspirations. It is a good indication that the national Newspaper Kuensel was not barred from carrying the Ambassador's article titled,  ' Discovering Happiness in Bhutan '  in its  Saturday issue of 25th July, 2015 coinciding with the Bhutanese 9th day of the 6th month. It is an auspicious day and may this news augur great tidings henceforth for Bhutan China relations.

The Bhutanese media had covered the  17th July,2015 meeting between the Bhutanese Prime Minister and the Ambassador Le Yucheng from China. It was the first meeting of its kind for the Prime Minister of second democratic Government of Bhutan. He certainly has some catching ups to do.

Behind the past scene of national governance and rhetorics, His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo had always kept up constant contact with the Government of China. I think every Chinese delegation especially the Border Talk teams was warmly received in audience regardless of who led the delegation. Even after abdication, the King did not desert the vital importance of pursuing good relation with China the giant neighbour of Bhutan in the north. Of course for all the Kings, the priority in external affairs was always Bhutan India friendship. But  now more paramount has to be ultimately the long term sovereign interest of Bhutan. And so there is no way of shunning, forever, more positive ties with China. The earlier the positive moves are made, better it would be for national development and aspiration.

For a Bhutanese, it is easy to understand the overwhelming influence of the living national legend on national policies, on His Majesty the People's King and the elected Government.  However, the political outlook of the modern world is such that the symbolism is viewed differently. Therefore, the audience of the King on the Throne to the Chinese Ambassador, since the second Bhutanese General Election, is historic. Finally the Kingdom of Bhutan has taken the historic step to indicate to the world that the nation is prepared to confront the reality of geopolitics in the most positive and politically mature manner. May the Deities grant Bhutanese Leaderships an abundance of national courage and political acumen.

China and India are not the father and mother of Bhutan.  But they cannot be wished away from the geopolitical aspirations of the Kingdom. I have always looked forward to a sensible  and politically mature opening since 2008.  Majority of the Bhutanese  would be relieved with the new national outlook towards China. Now, the more important concern is the understanding and encouragement from other nations especially from Bhutan 's forever generous and historic closest friend India and the world's only Superpower United States of America. It is hoped that they would appreciate the otherwise precarious geopolitical position of Bhutan.

China is not just a regional giant, it is a world power of considerable implication. Even bastion of Western Powers like Germany and Britain have acknowledged that through accelerated  China rapprochement policies much to the dismay of America.   Bhutan must also awaken to the foreign policies of other South Asian neighbours. It cannot copycat the complex political game of Far East nations like Japan and Philippines. Japan with super power pact with America and a vast body of water inbetween, may get away rattling sabre against China. Even then I am not sure whether Abe is leading Japan to economic abscess or military glory. But Bhutan's fate would surely be doomed if the Kingdom engages in India America proxy war against China.

It  has to be heart warming for the Spirit of centuries old Kingdom to witness a fresh political maturity in the collective political leadership of the world's youngest democracy, in international diplomacy. May Bhutanese sovereignty wisdom and fortitude prevail in Bhutan China and India triangle diplomacy.

Pelden Drukpa ! Lha Gyelo !


  1. Sir, Since 1980s, we are just shaking hands, shaking hands and shaking hands with our northern neighbour and not moving beyond that. Now our security, freedom and sovereignty is at greater risk than ever before with every future government comin weaker as each term comes by. With diplomacy especially with China and other countries, our security, sovereignty, freedom, present economic crisis, unemployment, social problem and choices of goods, foods & services will be guaranteed . And no one country can dictate us at its wills and whims as is the case at present where even our internal matters are being commanded from outside . And it is not surprising to know that the only issue raise by our Prime Minister during the meet was about the Bhutan - China football match which any general public also talk about. Probably, he needs approval from Delhi to talk beyond. Now every future government comin weaker at the centre than the first government, the advantage takers from outside is bound to happen and diplomacy to happen with China has now became even difficult and tighter that ever before. Let us see which successive government will have enough guts to do that.


  3. It is Abe, not Abbey.

  4. Thanks ' Abe ' it is noted and corrected.

  5. Why PDP has blame DPT on trying to forging a diplomats relation during 2013 election campaign and why handshake now?

    1. Haha, that time they were in need of votes and now they got the votes. The fact is no government of the day can ignore China bcox It is a reality.

  6. China is going to be the next super power of the world. It has already taken over US as the biggest economy. Its influence is ever growing and Bhutan will have more to gain by developing good relations with China. Hope that our leaders will have the vision, wisdom and courage o open up to our northern neighbour.

  7. Why India always Interfere in Bhutan for developing Relation with China?

  8. It is better to keep something for ourselves than letting our two neighbours know all our thoughts to avoid further geopolitical implications.
    let our relevant leaders take the decisions and choose, which will bring peace not only at present but for the future as well. we cannot take or recommend any decision or choice since we do not know and have complete information about the subject.

  9. Kanchi meaning she cannot marry another man and has to serve a man who already has wife and children in return for some money and materialistic benefits.

  10. My country has been talking about border talks with Bhutan for decades. Deep down we all know that border talks is secondary, maintaining that annual meet and greet and 'hi' is most important. We have no intention to replace India since India's presence in Bhutan is evident. We are not blinded. WE, China just want to say hi to a neighbor and of course help out in any way ( of course, India will have to say yes). Kuzuzangpola Bhutan and it was great to see you last December. Hopefully one day, we can help one another at a formal level. You guys can help us with our environment and we can offer some support. I do not understand this china threat, we are not the ones with a military base around the world or starting wars and then blaming others for chaos. We are flawed, we have challenges and we have made achievements. Like you Bhutan, my country is not perfect. Thank you neighbor