Monday, July 27, 2015

All in a days work at Thimphu General Referral Hospital.

Early morning today, a nurse hands over a green gown to the boy patient sitting on  bed Nu:9 E and instructs, " Wear it for O.T ". The surprised attendant to the patient tells the nurse that the patient was not scheduled for any operation. Could she recheck the medical record please? The nurse agrees to recheck and later comes back and to the relief of attendant informs that it was the patient on bed no: 8 E who was scheduled for operation. 

About 2 hours later, the doctor making the daily round of the ward patients tells the nurse on duty that the bed no: 9 patient is fit to be discharged.  The boy patient had been hospitalised for ear infection and put under 5 days treatment course of 6 hourly intravenous antibiotic injections. The case was rather grave as infection could spread to both the brain and throat. Luckily he was recovering well thanks to the timely treatment. But the prescribed injection course would not be completed if the patient was to be discharged a day early. So the anxious  attendant requested the duty nurse to bring this to the attention of the kind doctor. The nurse did not think it really mattered. Ultimately the attendant braved a chance to directly approach the doctor who was attending to other patients in the ward. " The patient is O.K but discharge can be done tomorrow morning upon completion of the injections " the doctor reconsidered. . That was a big relief to the attendant because usually doctors always advised patients to complete the treatment course even if one feels fit towards the end of the prescribed treatment duration days.

Now to pray, " Triple Gem please continue to look after all things and incidents for better and more interesting and happy life of my beloved grandson ". He is a good child and a studious student who needs to rejoin his class. But good health is always priority number one . Thank you Hospital, the doctors. technicians, nurses and the Bhutanese nation for good and free facility.

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