Monday, July 20, 2015

Blessings Come in Sudden Gush !

This morning turned on the TV around 5:15 and there was His Holiness the 70th Jhe Khenpo of Bhutan on the subject of Offering of Mendey, the importance of cleanliness of both the Mind and the Environment. This was followed by former Venerable Yangpi Lopen of Central Monastic Body of Bhutan sharing thoughts on social, moral and piousness with educationists. Then turned the channel from BBS 2  to BBC and surprisingly the programme was on the visit of His Holiness the Vatican Pope of Rome visiting Ecuador in South America. The Pope was on a Mission to Bless the Poor and awaken world conscience to the plight of the Poor in the world.

Truly a kind of experiencing the presence  of the Triple Gem in my own life.  On this very holy day, the day of the 1st Sermon of Lord Buddha, I humbly feel enlightened and truly blessed. Lord Buddha and the Triple Gem has many ways to convey Blessings.  One such channel seems to be through the earthly holy figures for those ready to receive the Blessings. I bow with gratitude to the greatness of the Holy Prince of Dharma and to the invincible all knowing and virtuous Triple Gem. 

Wishing for all the Blessings of the 1st Sermon of Lord Buddha.

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