Thursday, July 30, 2015

A one time goodwill between Bhutan Judiciary and OAG or more against a common detractor?

Kuensel Issue of 29th July, 2015 quotes the amazing, sharply expressive statements of Attorney General Dasho Shera Lhendup on, ' High Court order of 28th July for OAG instead of ACC to prosecute Haa LhakhangKarpo case of Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji and Project Manager.'

" We are grateful for the final wisdom of the court that settles down institutions and habitual claims of self righteousness."

" We fully respect the order and is obliged to execute it as per every hairline of the wise order."

" After all, none is infallible and ultimately  subject to social censures of democratic culture."

" There is limit to institutional courtesy one can extent towards the hard work one has dedicated during one's term but ultimately we all must come to term with the timeless rule of law."

I find the above statements of opinion from the Attorney General strikingly comprehensive and illustratively revealing and educative. I do not think the presently headless ACC would be forth coming any time soon  with a response of matching depth and width. I am still trying to grasp all the dimensions and shears.  Hard luck ACC and now less lustre for your GyalpoShing  laurel. The arch of politics swings both ways and in quite a short span of time, too !

The rumour is that Dasho Neten Zam who demanded OAG hand over the Lhakhang Karpo case to ACC for Appeal to High Court, has completed her term as Chairperson of Anti Corruption Commission and gone back to her home in Dewathang, Eastern Bhutan.  Just A Rumour. 

Lhakhang Karpo case is now a Lhakhang Narpo case smearing stakeholders of every kind. The Appeal could be now withdrawn or diluted as the case warrants in the eyes of OAG.  If the print media is to be believed, the Office of Attorney General had not wanted to appeal the Haa Court verdict on Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji but for the forceful demand of the ACC Chairperson who has retired very recently.

Nevertheless, I have to admire the legal verses of Dasho Shera Lhendup. In the judiciary world of Bhutan, these  expressive  statements of Attorney General would be as memorable and catchy as the first Rigsar song he had composed and sung in his youthful and perhaps  love forlorn days.

In this particular case, the forlorn figure is Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji. His party pack has kind of left him by the wayside with a morsel of a survival chance gift.  This High Court Order could save Lyonpo's MP status and thereby,the constituency seat of his Party, as conviction is now unlikely.

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  1. so u don't see any problem in a circumstances wherein OAG has to prosecute its boss i.e. cabinet members? i see a big problem....either OAG should be made complete independent like other constitutional offices or there should be a rule that whenever there is a conflict of interest between OAG ofc and accused, ACC should be made to prosecute like gyelposhing case....i don't see any problem in that thought!