Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rigsar and Aums at Drinchen Amai Sounkay.

Love and melody has undergone generation changes. Maybe love at one time had more patience and it blossomed with the passing years. Now it is fast and comes with intensity and then fluctuates like winter electricity power supply.

Trendy song known as Rigsar seems to be a fallout of the present love emotion. It is not a song of just good or great voice. The person of the singer has to be agile and lush as such qualities complement and complete the rigsar songs. I think rigsar is a song of the willow not that of cedar tree. Therefore age and emotional stage puts the Drinchen Aums at a disadvantage when it comes to rigsar. But please Sing On !  For how else are we going to bridge the generation gap if young and old do not share song, melody, thought and love.

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