Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Defining Courage.

The Voice of Conscience echoes Courage. So if you seek courage search no further. Simply look within deeper.  Below the layers of fears and pleasures.

Courage is a little more than being brave, mighty or strong. It is possessing the spirit to stand up for great Beliefs and greater Rights even in the face of Fear and Defeat. Only few are blessed by the gods with this indomitable spirit. So uphold it with dignity.

To many, it may seem foolhardy, reckless and possibly suicidal. But none, be they foes, friends or bystanders will disrespect true courage. The fault line of being courageous is that those that truly care and love you could be adversely affected. So pray deeply for them. And hold dear their love and sacrifice.

History is filled with narratives of the Courageous and yet far more numbers would have remained unknown.   Greater Humanity and Goodness are gifts of such known and unknown souls of courage. I remain awed and grateful to all. So must you and follow their path.

These are my words of gift to my beloved eldest son Sangey Wangchuk in celebration of his promotion to the rank of Major in the Royal Bhutan Army. " May you  always be in possession of the courage to serve the Tsawa Soum and the Triple Gem. And above all , the courage to be honest with yourself. I will not always be there to share the success and pain of my children but pray I always do to the Triple Gem to Bless the Good and the Courageous." With Love Apa. Wednesday the 15th July, 2015 Thimphu, Bhutan.

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