Thursday, July 23, 2015

People Services that Government can easily put in place.

What Government can do so easily for the benefit of the Bhutanese society at large should be done immediately. It does not cost the Government a penny and it does not pinch existing businesses. And it gives citizens more choices, better services at more affordable price.

So the Ministry of Economic should issue at least 5 new licences for distribution of petroleum products including diesel, petrol and yes especially cooking gas. The gas lines in Thimphu is a national shame of mis-governance.  The Government should demonstrate that it can govern to facilitate public convenience. The present three distributors are inundated with back logs especially with supply of cooking gas. Please act for the harassed customers.

It is good news that another Medical Diagnostic Centre has been opened in Thimphu. There is the need for another 3 such centres covering different population centres in Thimphu. Thimphu General Hospital is over loaded not just during 9 am to 3 pm but even during paid for consulting  hours in the evenings.

Then there is an absolute need for private Dental Clinics in Thimphu. The morning scene at the General Hospital Dental Section is like a fish market. People in pain and forget chairs, even standing room is limited. Quality service within the available facility is there but its simply saturated.

Dental problems are natural extensions of growing up for the young and aging decline for the elderly. And though pain anywhere in parts of body is painful, dental pain somehow renders the victim helpless. It just does not stick to locality this dental pain. It spreads to neck, head, ears and places strictures on both speech and meal. I hope the Health Minister will come up with his own brand of get the damn job done anyhow. It used to be the spirit of Bhutanese Contractors at one time before it was replaced with bribe and profit. The Hon' ble Minister was a very able construction Contractor. Just be the Doer Your Excellency, let your Cabinet Colleagues do the talking.

Yes,  the huge population of Thimphu needs Dental Clinics. Diagnostic Centres and new more enthusiastic Cooking Gas Distribution Agents who should also be allowed to sell other petroleum Products to be commercially competitive with existing Distributors.

What Thimphu does not need is the growing population of teenagers swarming all the nooks and corners all over Thimphu City from Friday nights. So Education Ministry please, please review this newly empowered Government Schools' decision to wind up Schooling on Saturday. Its alright up to Class 2 students to be off on Saturday but older Children must remain in School for half day on Saturday. Otherwise Thimphu Police will have to immediately build more detention centres that will get crowded from Friday afternoon.

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