Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BJP in damage control mode:

During the last few days leading up to one year Modi Government Celebration Launch, the former Prime Minister was attacked by name from turncoat former advisors who now support BJP. This is BJP second attempt to malign the former Prime Minister. And each time the Party came second best.

This morning the soft and silent former Prime Minister came out with a never before imagined counter attack on BJP Governance. BJP had managed to earn the wrath of a Political Saint if ever there can be one after Mahatma Gandhi that no other political  episode ever did in the 10 years of Dr. ManMohan Singh Prime Ministership of India.

The closest to  warning level that the good Dr. ManMohan Singh reacted before was in response to Rahul Gandhi tearing up the Ordinance Bill. And that lead to the ultimate destruction of Gandhi family Congress Party. Congress Party will not die out but Gandhi family can never again exercise absolute power after this debacle.

The BJP bigwigs spent the whole day trying to respond and explain. All efforts turned to be futile. Finally Prime Minister Modi had the astute political leadership sense to invite "Dr.ManMohan Singh Ji " to the 7CRC Prime Minister Residence to sooth over issues. BJP can attack anyone but in taking upon the citadel of India Integrity that softly cultured extremely knowledgeable former Prime Minister represent in person to the whole world was definitely ill advised.

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