Friday, May 29, 2015

Appalled and Dismayed !

" They have to play with the given numbers and if somebody doesn't like it, they can leave the team " warned Bhutan's Football Head Coach a Japanese called Norio just 2 weeks before the first game of the second round of the World Cup qualification match between Bhutan and Hong kong.

The attitude of the foreign coach is horrifyingly dictatorial and professionally irresponsible. He may not possess a sentiment of Bhutanese nationalism but the Bhutanese Players do. This 29th May Kuensel issue rings forth an alarm that such obnoxious foreigners have scant regard for Bhutanese national sentiment.

I am of the sentiment that at this penultimate stage, Bhutanese Players can not desert the Team no matter how the  coach mistreats them. However, Norio the coach can disappear to nowhere position. He would be only terminating a contract.

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