Friday, May 8, 2015

To each Nation and Individual your own Conscience.

It is not a matter of interpretation. The ugly truth have been revealed and dangerous consequences averted for two Himalayan Nations. For that Providence must be thanked and brave honest forces applauded.

The political play offs with similar meaning
words in the rich English language have spiced up the controversies but ultimately the sanctity of objective was preserved.  In the recent weeks the playoff is between ' Relief Team' and ' Rescue Team' in Nepal. What really could be the difference ?

Generally a doctor could come to the rescue of a person under pain by providing medication to relieve pain. A person could feel relieved when pulled out from under the rubbles and rescued. So rescue and relief team could offer the same service and be the same unit with different function. Such Teams are different from Reconstruction Teams.

Then in Bhutan, the words , ' Restricted ' and ' Prohibited ' on the issue of import of second hand vehicle. It means the same thing and cannot be interpreted differently  as the crux of the application of either of the vocab is forbidding the import of the more pollutant second hand nature of a vehicle that if not stopped can lead to Bhutan a Dumping Ground.

The Government was over anxious to seek a legal loop hole to override the prevailing Rule of Restriction on import of second hand vehicle.  The Government had committed to formulate national policies to suit the marketing goal of two electric car manufacturers. However, a brand new electric car was too expensive to afford  and therefore the need to encourage the more affordable second hand electric car in the Bhutanese national market.

The Office of Attorney General bears two official responsibilities: The allegiance to the Government and allegiance to Professionalism. The OAG did not identify any legal loop hole but it provided a matter of fact push the buck solution. Its advice was that only a Court of Law could really make a Ruling on  the difference between , ' Restricted ' and ' Prohibited ' in regards to the legal understanding and interpretation on the prevailing Rule that bans import of second hand vehicle. This Rule precedes Democracy and in fact even before pollution became an international buzz word. The previous democratic government only imposed temporary ban on import of light motor vehicles to preserve scarce foreign currency reserves.

The  varying political interpretations served the all important face saving  device for India to withdraw its soldiers that Nepal did not want and for the Bhutanese Government to maintain that its decision was legal but still it will undo the policy on import of second hand vehicles.

I feel a grave wrong has been corrected in the nick of time. And that's what counts for Nepal sovereignty as well as for Bhutanese Democracy and its Constitution Provisions.

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