Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I need to make a Prayer. Hear me O Triple Gem !

There in a darkened polluted environment of social and political aggression. A land where might is right for all the wrong reasons because strength and power rest with the mighty.

You can be innocent. You can be right. Such qualities do not fetch points in a tussle where credit is given only to the mighty. And yet in the narrowest of space and with the barest of light, by the Grace of KuenChhoSoum, it is possible to squeeze out a tiny share of justice purely upon one's moral and intellectual faith shined with a ray of courage from a presiding Judge.

I ask nothing for self for I am a convert of Your Goodness and Justice. But if You can so will it most Revered All Knowing Triple Gem, please watch over a judiciary system and fill it with light of knowledge and will of judicious responsibility.  If temporal power fail them, may ecclesiastical force protect those that dispense true justice.

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