Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Leadership Selfie or Selfless?

The Chief Minister of an Indian State Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar labels the Leadership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Selfie Leadership.

A Selfie leader is a person in authority who uses his or her position to promote or propagate social and political ideals for the purpose of highlighting self public image but in reality does not practise what is preached.

A selfless leader is a person in authority who uses the the national powers invested in self hands to achieve genuine national interest that protect and promote people and national welfare in general not just few selective self serving political interests deeds or magnanimity.

Modi may be a Selfless or a Selfie leader. One year is too early to make a judgement to last an age. However Nitish Kumar had hit the nail on the head in cases of many leaders from Presidents to Kings; from Prime Ministers to Dictators; from scout captains to Army Generals the ills of leaders are Selfie Leadership.

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