Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers are the anchors of Families.

Today is Mother Day. I just wish to spend sometime thanking the two Mothers of our Family. Together they have nursed this family through the four seasons every year and all years. In their immense simplicity and loving dedication, I discovered the required strength of being the father of such a beautiful family.

In the ocean of their affection and mountain of trust, I gained the courage to walk the necessary mile through the vagaries of all weather of life. And in the warmth of their heart and labour, the children and I found our home and hearth.
Thank you our dearest Mothers of S.K.Y Family. My dearest Yeshey and Kelden on this Mother Day, I salute your life and your endeavour. May Triple Gem continue to grace your life and may you always guide and comfort us.

And today together, let us pay our homage and receive blessings from the Grandmothers: one now in her sunset years but still reigning with love and the other my dearest mother now a blue neon in the void of the Universe. Oh ! How you loved me Mother. And how much I still miss you Mother. Thank You Mother for teaching me how to share Love and Responsibility.

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