Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why bother about corruption when politics of the day backs it to the hilt?

Bail for Bhutanese:  The best and the only just way under the present politically biased prosecution system.

Relieved that 7 immigration officers got bail. I hope any and all immigration, revenue and custom officials  charged or convicted for corruption are freed on bail or upon  cash payment in lieu of prison terms by the Royal Courts of Justice.

It is just unfair to apply the Law of the Land only against Bhutanese wrong doers. Those main culprits from across the border are allowed scot free. They are not even required to post cash to get bail. Just a make believe notional sum of from nowhere and no nothing. Whoever thought that it would be possible to tell the Court or satisfy the Prosecuting Agency to collect the cash bond for bail from construed would be debtors at large?

ACC new Commissioners need not feel guilty and resign because firstly Bhutanese need  jobs and secondly any vacant constitutional posts will be filled for name and appearance sake. But forget tackling corruption. The path is politically blocked.

Now it is possible for ACC people to keep their salaries and take the time off. If you are prevented from booking the main culprits why bother to fry the small timers who are errand runners of the Mafia. The political apparatus is diluting further the already weak judiciary system. And there is not much few good and honourable  Drangpons can dare to do to uphold justice when even a Constitutional Body is told to slumber in no uncertain terms.

Several years back , a young Bhutanese monk was jailed for possessing a small amount of chewing tobacco valued at Nu: 99 or was it Nu: 120. And later several Indians were caught in Bhutan with much larger illegal cache of assorted tobacco products. They were let off with a fine. The same disparity in law applications is happening theses days in Phuentsholing. It is a hopeless and shameful trait that the nation is adopting.

The fact of the day is that Bhutanese cannot expect equal treatment  with other nationals even in  Bhutan under Bhutanese Laws. Thus whilst major Kingpins of corrupt trade are let loose scot free by Bhutanese law Agencies and Judiciary, the Bhutanese errand runners get fried. 

Therefore to bring about a sense of social fairness, let us make a call to stop criminal prosecution of only Bhutanese citizens. The nation is not prepared to apply the laws of the land equally upon all corrupt persons and entities. So why just penalise certain category of Bhutanese who are at the bottom rug of corruption. 


  1. omg....Where'll the Bhutanese justice?

  2. Good points sir, but how can we change this application of disparity in law happening these days?

  3. Sangay Choezang. You raised a good point. May be the Nation has to seriously think of a different election system where political parties are not dependent on business people for election fund. And Bhutan has to move away from its neighbour grips.

  4. Why ACC,ECB and Judiciary are not fair enough in discharging their responsibilities.

  5. many problem in world have a corruption whit politicar, that s ine europe France evrthing we have a letig know , it s complex and debat serious ...