Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adopting positive attitude a must for cleansing national conscience.

Recently some shocking incidents have taken place. Not at all good for the victims, the organisations involved and for the national conscience. These could be ominous signs of difficult days for the nation. .We need to ward off such undesirable events by being gracious and praying for guidance.

I now plead with Druk Air Management to  please do not further shame all by bringing up excuses of safety, security and whatever else. Simply be,  belatedly gracious and smooth over grievances and kindly provide free passage to the sinus patient and his escort to Bangkok. Embarrassing mistakes happen. Let's just attempt to correct not justify.

Druk Air thank you in advance for hopefully adopting a good attitude. I have always held Druk Air in high esteem for flying high the national flag. A national Airline is a necessary symbol of national sovereignty. Please love Bhutan, the Bhutanese and all your passengers. Good Luck !

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