Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shocking ! Dear Japan hit by River Floods.

Forget Europe, Japanese River embankments far less structured than India's Rivers to resist floodings. Two days of rain and Japanese people under flood water. Tsunami and Earthquakes are altogether different levels of natural disasters.  But River Floods ! This is shameful for being so unprepared.

Really very sorry for the multitudes of people affected. Maybe less life lost but so many lives destroyed due to property loss and damages to business enterprises. Dear Prime Minister. Please fortify your river embankments and then the race to fortify war armaments.

And Thank You Japan and Japanese people for helping Bhutan. But please at least take some preventive measures against river floods to curtail your own misery. Japan has to have the financial resources and technical knowhow so please revamp the national will to prevent any future river floods. It is so helplessly sad to see houses swallowed or uprooted by flood water.

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