Thursday, September 10, 2015

EMIS: Education Monitoring Information System ?

There is a system introduced by the Education system for all schools to number tag all students and record all census details called EMIS.

The names of Dzongkhags, geogs, thromdes and village are automatically listed. So the school enumerator teacher simply need to punch in the relevant names.

In helping the teacher at Sunshine fill the computerised on line form, I was not able  to find my village " Watsa " under Katsho Geog Haa Dzongkhag. In fact none of the villages under Katsho Geog belonged to the Katsho Geog. To solve the mystery I asked the teacher to punch other 5 Geog village lists. We discovered that the villages of Katsho geog was listed under Samar geog and vice versa the villages of Samar geog listed under Katsho geog. It is possible that similar mistakes could be there in other Dzongkhag.

So that day, there was no alternative in the format to punch the correct village name of my grandson except to accept the choice , " other " in lieu of the village name.
I hope by now the Education Ministry 's centralised data system Manager has corrected the flaw in its central data system.


  1. Hello I am the administrator of the Education Management Information System(EMIS). We are very much aware of the situation and have also spoken to the users. We are currently rectifying the problem and will be ready soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Thank you. It has been several weeks since the experience. Glad the problem is being now looked into.