Friday, September 11, 2015

A Message for Sonam Pem the non entity in the Bhutanese Forum.

Sonam Pem or are you Tashi Yangchen, a he or a she ? On Monday the 7th of September, you tried to divert readers attention away from my Post titled," A Collusion among the Royal Bhutan Army, Kuensel and The Bhutanese - A National Shame."

You fabricated a story of fidelity cum rape allegation against my son Major Sangey Wangchuk. I allowed your wild imagination to remain posted for 6 hours before deleting the nonsense. It was to demonstrate to you that those who read and comment on my Posts / Blogs are mature, intelligent people. They do not care a shit for the likes of you.

Then on 8th Tuesday you posted the same hallucination in the Bhutanese Forum. I see some gullible or your collaborators supported you and few questioned your credibility.

Its too bad that you or your lover/ spouse got into problem for the horrible Gelegphu incident. The Army will not leave such heinous acts unpunished. Too bad but you deserve every severe consequence.

So you know in person my son Major Sangey Wangchuk and his beautiful and well educated wife Mrs.Tshering Tshoki who is the lucky mother of two lovely kids. A handsome boy taken after his father and a beautiful daughter taken after her mother. And yes, my daughter in law is a civil servant with a Masters Degree in Finance. You forgot to state that she is a Budget Officer in the Ministry of Finance.

And yes, my son and his lovely family  reside happily at Luntenphu Army Head Quarter in their official residence. You are jealous and you are angry and you are as guilty as hell for being a party of wrong doers at Gelegphu.

Did you think  you could get me to remove my post on Monday by posting your hallucination about my son in the same Post ? That did not work. So you thought that through Bhutanese Forum, you could at the least create some doubts in peoples mind.

I gave you 3 clear days to  measure your success by examining the profiles of those who took your bait. Must be pleased to find similar characters as yourself. You poor miserable dark figure suffering in the depth of cesspit.

I think I can satisfy your bitchy urge but my virility domain does not extent to ex- lovers of my sons. Sorry but relieved that someone more deserving married my son Major Sangey Wangchuk. You are not happy with your present army Dasho husband ? You might find peace and contentment if you stop flirting with your identity and different lovers.

In your story, you forgot some important details such as the names of the Pelpon and that of  his daughter. So this fictitious girl is 17 years old, is she?  That suited your rape insinuation perfectly. Matches the cunningness of a jealous mentality that  had instigated the horrible incident at Gelegphu. Let me tell you fictitious characters if christened with names would sound more authentic. You should have named your characters. Oh !  Oh !  You were protecting their privacy ? What a laugh when as Tashi Yangchen you crucified the 2 soldier wives in Gelephu. Sonam Pem is your good fairy tale side of character? What is Tashi Yangchen? A manipulative bitch !

People who hallucinate tend to create characters for themselves. Sounds like you are barren.  Try visiting the Drukpa Kinlay Lhakhang at Lobesa. If you had abortion,  its your doing. Why seek sympathy in the guise of some other girl ? I think you made up this tall story for your friends. True friends will not think less of you because you are barren. But then such false characters cannot have genuine friends. So you had to seek sympathy through whatever means, is it so ?

A mistake you made in the spelling of SANGEY. Major Sangey Wangchuk name is spelt with an E not A. And you forgot to add another vital information. Major Sangey Wangchuk is the Staff Officer to the Hon'ble Major General of Royal Bhutan Army at Lungtenphu. He is a very disciplined and capable Officer. You had to know I am sure.

So if you are a bitch, come and bitch to the Royal Bhutan Police Chief or to His Excellency Chief of Operations, Royal Bhutan Army.You will surely be served with justice. If you are a bastard come and look in the eyes of Major Sangey Wangchuk. You must know that gallant Officers of RBA know how to deal with bastards and liars like you. And scums who act like drimpoen dorji and you. Do not soil Facebook.

I have every reasons to be proud of Major Sangey Wangchuk. He is a through bred. You are a scum. My son is a Gentleman. Come out from the shadow and make your charge if you are even a figment of a man or woman that real human beings are. May you always remain haunted by your Gelephu horror and suffer in anonymity forever.


  1. Wonderfully justified and defended...thumbs up sir

  2. If false allegations has been made againist anyone then well justified. Such people under the veil shud be shamed. 👍