Saturday, September 26, 2015

Border Sealing Politics and Fuel delivery Blockade.

It seems India will continue to plague Nepal with such bully tactics until the planned railway line and new highway from China Tibet materialises for Nepal. Land locked Nepal has no alternate option but to turn to China though India is the most convenient and generous trading partner in the region.

Geographically, culturally and socially, India and Indians are far akin to Nepal and Bhutan and their people than any other Nations in the world. But Indian political pundits and leaders somehow do not believe in fair exercise of friendship. They opt for subjugation policy at every turn of event.   This aggressive policy of India will definitely upset the Himalayan political cart and will deeply hurt the economies of the two small Himalayan Nations jammed between India and China. And it would not do much good to India in the long run.

India signs a 20 years supply deal with Nepal which denies Nepal from procuring petroleum  products from a third source for 20 years. And then refuses to allow fuel tankers from crossing into Nepal from India. The reason is India does not like the recently adopted Constitution of Nepal.

It took Nepal more than 7 years to finally draft and adopt a Constitution that is acceptable to majority of the Political Parties in Nepal. Should not a giant supposed to be a friendly neighbour India  at least give Nepal a breathing space before ramming its own dictum. Constitutions are not like say the Ten Commandments of the Christian God.  Changes will gradually take shape within Nepal and from within Nepal. The fact that more than 50% of the population in Nepal is Hindus should in itself make India feel comfortable. Why the haste and subjugation at every distress window of opportunity?

Bhutan, too, was subjected to similar Indian political wrath during the 2013 General Election in Bhutan. And Bhutanese political leadership whimpered into submission instantly. Nepalese Political Parties have taken a united national stand and has sent their Emissary to talk to Modi Government in India.

The saving grace for Nepal is that the Nepalese Military is quite independent from its fragile political masters. Its of course no match against Indian military might but it can play a pivotal influence in peacetime Nepal. And that's more than adequate because India cannot declare war or militarily invade Nepal without provoking active Chinese response. It was the Nepalese Army that stepped in to protect the sovereignty of Nepal when some outside forces were preparing to take undue advantages during this year's April earthquake situation in Nepal.

This time the fuel crunch inflicted by India is a severe test once again for Nepal.  Rajiv Gandhi did that to the King of Nepal many years back. And what did Rajiv Gandhi achieve for India when you look back in retrospection. A Hindu Monarch was ultimately dethroned and a Hindu Kingdom has become a Secular Nation today. Rajiv Gandhi's personal ego politics with the King of Nepal is as bad and unfruitful for India  as BJP Government of India attempting to force only pro Hindu population Constitution in Nepal today.

I wish India took its leadership of SAARC more seriously on a broader concept of reliable and trust worthy giant who can be relied upon by smaller neighbours in their time of distress.


  1. bulls eye......long nose of india

  2. Nepal is at a much much better position than Bhutan bcoz it has diplomacy establishments with many countries especially with China and Nepal is moving in a right direction. And India seeking permanent membership at the UNSC, if succeeded with be a big bully for the SAARC nations except to Pakistan.

  3. It is true that cultural and socially Nepal and India is alike, but I don't think it is true for Bhutan. Please enlighten me if I am not mistaken.

  4. When you remain anonymous you miss facts of history. Maybe if you learn Guru came to Bhutan Bumthang from India and root of our language from Sanskrit.

  5. Bhutan should wake up and better to open trade link with china so, that India can't take the Monopoly advantages and bully it.

  6. Why is ALARM BELL not RINGING for Bhutan that we must change our polices gradually? Indian politics can never be trusted. Today we might get along but tomorrow we will not. They will play the same politics they played in Bhtuan's elections. Why can't we stand for our long term sovereignty? This is why I do not want any more hydropowers in Bhutan. We are more and more dependent on Indian fund transfer, which they have been using as political tool. We need JYT like people who was paving our way to strong foundation and independence. We must slowly open our doors to China so that we have options like Nepal. If India flexes their muscles for not joining their country, we will be fully handicapped then. Come on our leaders. learn from these lessons.

  7. So then why were so many people of Nepali origin chased away from Bhutan at behest of India? Forced to b refugees in a foreign land, many have been settled in foreign lands only recently. Still many such treated as nobody in Bhutan. Maybe write about that too.