Monday, September 28, 2015

No apology and no regret and now regards also nil.

Since my article of 26th Sept. in my blog titled: "  Why bother about corruption when politics of the day backs it to the hilt " there have been three abusive tweets: 2 from agayangay and 1 from pema Lhendup and all 3 abuses instantly supported by khendumdorji. Seems khendumdorji and associates are offended. Baffling !  Sure readers have every right to disagree and express their stand on the same subject. But why the collusion to make derisive personal attacks ?

Let me just say I had nothing but respects for khendumdorji not just as being daughter of late honourable Dasho Lhendup Dorji but she is a very capable person in her own rights. She would have done well in life even if she was not born to a noble family. She has got the beauty, the push and the talent.

The last I met her in person was at Haa Lhakhang Karpo where she had brought the 49th Day death ritual of her revered father. Its quite many years past. The Dorji family is well revered in Haa and as a true and pure bred Haap, I simply went to pay my respects to late Dasho. No conditions no expectations just a homage to a personality I personally admired.

I am little older than Khendumdorji. I suppose that she would not dispute because ladies must always feel younger. She may dispute that I have a broader national political perspective but I think I do. Whatever our age or perspectives are, I have never referred to her until today as Khendumdorji. The age old protocol " Ashi " was never forgotten. People of Haa do have a lot of respects and regards for our Dorji Families, hers being the first and later that of honourable Yab Ugyen Dorji. Only the most revered Wangchuck Family commands more Respects and Loyalty in the Valley of Haa otherwise the second family name on the lips of Haaps would be the Dorji Families.

Whilst I shall not fail in my respects for the Dorji Families from henceforth I free myself from any age bond sentiment as far as khendum dorji as an individual. I have no apology to offer no regret to express and now no regards to hold. Strangers that we are now so free of sentiments and restraints.

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