Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Powers that be at the United Nations at New York the last several final days of September,2015.

At other times you have the media especially western media saying and writing all sort of things. They accuse Russia of aggression in Ukraine and standing against west in Syria and demand united action against Russia. And American media made so much accusations against China about unfair currency devaluation and cyber attacks.

Well this time President Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping  of China came to America, looked into the eyes of the western leaders, faced the western media and declared their intentions at the United Nations General Assembly. And all became tame at the western front. What happened?

President Xi Jinping came to America before the Russian President and he began  the Chinese campaign from the city of Seattle. A politician with an intellectual capacity or the other way round , an intellectual with a political ambition,  must go through the address Xi Jinping made to the Seattle Gathering. Every phrase and sentence of facts, jest, economy and history cut like diamond sharp across the western glass dome. There was no pretence, no threat, no hesitant lingering and it was not a test drive speech. It was of China and her leaders in full awareness of world politics, world economy and world psychology. It was China ready to be friend at the highest and broadest level and if driven to, defiantly ready to meet any challenges put forth by adversaries. In a nut shell it was ' Firmness ' devoid of any nonsense and political frills.  He told his audience that he spent 7 years in the remoteness of China dwelling in caves and sleeping on mud beds where along with poor villagers they yearned for a meat diet that could never be secured. He quoted the best and most famous writers of the west and American great Presidents and spiced them with references to popular American films. Then he described the China of his Presidency time, the real China now which is a dream so far to dream during his young days as a communist worker in the villages. I wish I could have been there to see the stunned/ mesmerised looks on the faces of supposed to be know all and experienced all intellectuals powers of America.

I think the message got through to all of America including the President of America. A day later the official welcome ceremony at the White House was grand. Even the Pope of Rome had to await in the UN Building at New York for the televised ceremony at Washington to conclude before he could deliver his speech at the General Assembly.

And later the joint Presidential Press Meet was respectful and final statement was that America and China needed each other.  There was Presidential truce in cyber war and not a word on currency devaluation. .

President Putin addressed the United Nations General Assembly after Obama. It seems what President of United States said made no difference to Putin. He told the Assembly that Russia backs Assad in Syria and Russia will strike ISIS from air if the United Nations sanctions. In other words Russia will not hesitate to counter America in Syria and she will abide by UN decision not United States in dealing with ISIS threat. The western European Allies of America was divided. France blindly following America and Britain softly selling the Russia Iran plan on Syria.

America may be the only super power but the recent demonstration of political strength was that China and Russia too are ace players whose policies and declarations are or will be backed by deeds.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was in America for medical treatment and the vusit strategically timed with the gathering of world Leaders in New York. But It seemed that  the normally defiant United States decided not to make bone fire in the presence of the real fire Dragon. So His Holiness cancelled all official engagements on the doctor's advice. At least that's what my take is from the announcement. I pray that he is not really that sick.

Prime Minister Modi visit to America was fully covered by Indian media. I suppose his demand for a UN Security Council permanent seat will remain simply a call. Bhutan supported the call but who else ? Certainly not the five permanent members though one or two among them may pay lip service.

And at the Peace Conference the true symbol of Peace was the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan waving at each other. Pity they did not have the courage to shake hands and exchange pleasantries such as " How is your mother " if they could not talk politics. Really what's wrong with these supposed to be products of ancient cultures of grace ? The irony is that the Government of India denied even the small gesture of acknowledging  each others presence by the two leaders. So it was personal right hands wave not official left hands wave.

And finally let me come to the Prime Minister of Bhutan. I appreciate the fact that the delegations of Nepal and Bhutan had a real Meeting. That was a good gesture on the part of Prime Minister of Bhutan. The Indian Press also appreciated the support and the congratulatory greeting the Bhutanese Prime Minister made to their Prime Minister. All in all it was a good successful trip to the United Nation General Assembly and His Excellency Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay made a sensible and appropriate speech to the world leaders. Congratulations ! Your Excellency.

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