Saturday, September 5, 2015

RCSC : Intentions and Results.

To do the right, intention alone is not an adequate solution but it is a necessary start up.

Shaking up civil service by RCSC could be a productive way to improve efficiency and create employment for those willing to work. The habitual late comers and early bunkers, the early morning drinkers and fellows who tax their colleagues with non performance can be identified. But clever dodgers of responsibility and sweet talkers and life long chamchas would still be upheld  as indispensables by the bosses.  How would bosses know their own weakness? How would the roving ambassadors be identified from amongst all civil servants ?

RCSC on the right track intention but still must partially be guided by those bosses with blind spots. Any way for hope of greater efficiency and equal load sharing responsibility, the free riders need to be discouraged. Good Luck to the Commission.


  1. Can you suggest a viable alternative solution to the problem, because beaurocracy by definition is very resistant to change

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  2. Recently RCSC has asked civil servants to declare conflict of interest with dependents having business establishements. But did they check conflict of interests in other area? There are HR whose wife or husband are in the same ministry or department and he or she looks after all the HR works for his or her spouse or other dependents? The HR activities like PE rating, trainings, personal records, leave records are all in the hands of the spouse or relative. They will obviously manipulate all the records and favor his spouse or relative. Why is RCSC not asking HRs to declare conflict of interest and ensure such situations are not there. RSCS's website for feed back does not work at all. That is why RCSC one eyed agency. They should have asked civil servants to declare where all their spouses and brothers and sisters are.

  3. After decentralization of power, ministry HRO can change lot of personal records and help his or her kith and kin in many ways. RCSC must make sure HR does not have any brother or sister or spouse or in laws in the same department he looks after.